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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hallows Everyday 22

Death, The eternal cycle begins here.
from The Halloween Oracle by Stacy DeMarco

The Death card; people are generally very uncomfortable with this card and the Death card in the tarot. In fact, it terrifies them. While death frightens most people, it also fascinates them; they want to know what happens, not just on a spiritual level, but physically - it disgusts and fascinates.

Death truly is what this card says - the eternal cycle. Without it there would be no life. I feel death feeds life - think of compost - it nourishes all life. We eat dead things; don't let the vegetarians, vegans, and raw food enthusiasts fool you, once you cut that plant, pick that fruit or nut, it is dead. Our meat comes from slaughtered animals, dead animals. I don't know of anyone who eats live animals, but I suppose they could be out there. My point is, the dead feed us so we can live.

And so the cycle begins with death. Hallows/Samhain is a celebration of death. We honor the dead, hope for messages from them. This is very much a time of release and renewal. The leaves that fall, the plants that die, the Earth Herself stills and quiets. All life returns to the womb - the beginning.

While celebrating and honoring your beloved Dead, do not forget to let go, release whatever is no longer valid in your life. Quiet yourself, let your inner self begin again, growing outward over the Winter. The real message of this card is to let go, clear away, just as our planet does. Clearing is a process that has great power, it brings us to the place where we can begin again.

Winter is the womb time, curl up and  let the initiation of new things happen.

Blessings dark and deep.

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