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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hallows Everyday 4

A funny little bit of divination, again to do with knowing who one will marry! Love was a very big concern during Hallowe'en and even Christmas time in Victorian, Edwardian, and early 20th century holiday celebrations.  

The Salt and Water Race

This is a stern test, maidens,
But it will tell your fate;
Fill your mouths with water,
Let the hour be late.
Fill right hands with salt,
Make them tightly lock;
Then at the given signal
Run around the block.
Woe to her who giggles -
Salt or water loses,
But hail the first name listened to -
Twill be the mate she choses.

The Jolly Hollowe'en Book, 1937

Blessings dark and deep!


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