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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hallows Everyday 6

The Witch, Earthly Weaver of the Worlds
from The Halloween Oracle by Stacey DeMarco

A most appropriate card for the season, yes? I don't think I've ever chosen this one, so it is interesting to explore.

The Witch symbolizes the ability to weave the changes in our lives that we want or need. It is all there for us, every tool, we simply must learn how to do it. Weaving and magick both require skills, but they are well worth learning. Through those skills, we create beautiful and fulfilling lives.

There are many witches who believe that to use their magick for self-gain is a bad thing. I have always taught that we are given these abilities to make a difference... for ourselves, for others, for the world. There are magickal practitioners and witches who say the world, our Mama Earth, does not need our healing, She may simply destroy us when She is ready. I say, do it anyway, do it for Her, do it for others, do it for the plant kingdom, the earth kingdom, just do it. And there are those who say never cast magick for personal gain. Are they crazy? Why do we have these gifts, learn these techniques? We learn them to make our own lives better, because we are worth it, we must help and love ourselves first before we are able to help anyone else.

Every act of magick, healing, manifesting, is a bit of weaving. We gather our magickal threads and begin to create. Like using a loom and weaving the threads, we create the cloth, interlocking each strand so when we remove it from the loom it stands on its own, whole and useful and beautiful. And so is magick, a creation from the threads of our power and the power of the elements, the stars, the Goddesses and Gods, the Ancestors and other Spirits; all are part of the weaving, the creation.

The gift of the Witch card means that we can weave our own change through life. Magick is real, alive. We each must understand that we have the power, we must know beyond a doubt that this magick and power is real. Go for it, grow! Understand also that as we grow and change, there are some who may not like it, they may feel threatened by our developing personal power and confidence. We must always protect ourselves and never let anyone take our power - I know, not always easy, there are thousands of excuses, relationships are complicated. Toss those excuses and perhaps the people who hold us back, or attempt to. If they truly are the right people, they will adjust and come to love the powerful women we are. Better opportunities and people await our arrival.

At this time, in this world, women MUST stand strong, BE strong, by any means. Take the magick and make what you will.

Blessings dark and deep.

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