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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hallows Everyday 29

Invisibility, authenticity
The Halloween Oracle by Stacey DeMarco

Heart beating we sense
But do not see.
They touch, we chill,
They come unseen.

They are all around us now, even those who rarely come through the veil. It is the time. We can feel their presence, grasp a brief flicker of an image from the corner of our vision, feel an occasional touch. It is both exhilarating and disturbing, this Hallows time. It is the natural way of the Unseen to hide themselves and make themselves known. It is not, however, natural for us. 

In our everyday lives, we are sometimes invisible; no one sees us, and we feel separated and alone. However, at times, it is what we need, helping us go about our way without being disturbed, able to create our magick unseen. We need that invisibility to be left to ourselves.

At other times, this separation, being unseen, unnoticed, leaves us feeling as if no one cares. Those  who are more extroverted may find this a cold place, leaving depression and anxiety. We all must learn to use this invisibility wisely and to our advantage.

Being invisible can allow us to gather information, see the truth others project when they think no one sees them. This can be, as Stacey writes, a double-edged sword. While sometimes helpful, other times that invisibility is easily abused, invading privacy, making us privy to information not meant for us. When this happens we may not see the truth; there are always secrets, things held back. We will make mistakes with this information not meant for us, perhaps even taking words out of context, stealing others' ideas and hard work, using the information unethically.

This card presents itself to remind us that while sometimes useful, when hiding ourselves, holding back so we are unnoticed, choosing to be invisible, we must be discerning. There are times this is necessary and helpful, but many times when we use invisibility, we are repressing, not speaking our truth, not expressing who we truly are. Trying to be someone else, cloaking who we really are, is destructive to the true self and never serves us. Instead, it causes energetic and emotional blockages that keep us from being healthy and growing on all levels of our being.

Right now, we are full, like pomegranates, of seeds... seeds rich with new ideas and possibilities. Those seeds will burst forth later and they are meant to journey upward, into the light of day to be seen, to be heard. 

Choose wisely when you decide whether to hide or be your authentic self. The authentic self, when kept hidden, festers in a dark hole. It can be a dead, between place, a place where the living do not belong and the dead will not be part of.

Blessings dark and deep! 

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