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Friday, October 16, 2015

Hallows Everyday 16

An Herbal Ritual For Remembering the Dead

This ritual may be performed on or near Hallows/Samhain or when
someone you know passes. I found this on the internet years ago, but
no author was listed; I have made a few adaptations. 
If you cannot obtain some of the herbs, simply use 
another with similar properties and make the 
change in the prayer.

Gather the following for the ritual:

A tea light for each person to be remembered
rose petals, bay, oregano, parsley, elder,
rosemary, basil

Cast your circle using rose petals and rosemary to define it.
Be sure to clear the space well beforehand. 
Arrange the tea lights on your altar along with photos
or other remembrances of the dead.
Light a tea light and call the name of the person 
you are honoring.
Stand at your altar and  recite this prayer:

The wheel of life turns,
The cycle of life continues.
Those beyond life, beyond the veil,
You are remembered today.
Gifts of love and hope
are offered with love and honor.
To those I remember,
To those I do not,
to all those I have lost.
Hekate, guide them home with Your torches.
Persephone, take them in Your gentle embrace.
My dead You have taken,
The Fates have cut their threads,
And now spin and weave the threads anew.
May the wheel turn and begin again.
I give freely these herbal offerings,
May they be acceptable and assist you.
(as you recite, scatter the herb to the wind)
Rose petals for love,
Elder to guide your journey,
Bay for strength,
Parsley for honor,
Basil for peace,
Oregano for happiness,
and Rosemary for remembrance.
So mote it be!

Sit now and remember your beloved dead.
Let the peace of the ritual embrace you. Perhaps
perform some divination to receive a message.
Let the candles burn out. Open your circle.

(adapted from a ritual found on the internet, author unknown)

Blessings dark and deep!

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