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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hallows Everyday - 11

Hel, Norse Goddess of the Underworld
Susan Seddons Boulet

This time is perfect for exploring and making a connection to Underworld goddesses, especially if you have avoided this or have a fear of Them. They are the Mothers of the Dead, those who tend to all who pass the veil. Yes, some can be scary, but They have an important role; They remind us to remember, They assist those making the transition from this world to the next, They guide us to accepting the inevitable. Great insights and less fear can be the result of exploring our relationship with these goddesses.

Devotional activity: Today we begin three days of making devotions to Underworld Goddesses. Our first is Hel, Norse goddess of the Underworld. Research a bit about Her and write a short devotional prayer to Her. Tonight, late when it is dark and you can feel the energies of the waning moon, light a black candle and recite your prayer to Her. Allow yourself a few minutes to consider what the role of regular devotional practice to an Underworld goddess might bring to your life. Feel free to share  your prayer and experiences in the comments section.

Blessings dark and deep!



  1. O Goddess Hel, as still as night.
    Some will flee you, filled with fright.
    Those who see you for who you are
    Will seek your wisdom from afar.
    Both life and death, both light and dark.
    Protector of those who passed embark
    Into your realm of their own fate
    And join to dine upon your plate.
    Guide me, great one, to embrace
    The death as well as life I face.
    I hope that someday when we meet
    I've lived my life to earn a seat
    In the underworld that's fresh and green
    Where smiling faces can be seen.
    Within your lands of love and light
    And laughter fills the air at night.
    Until rebirth, when my soul returns
    To learn my lessons still unlearned.

  2. This is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your prayer. Please email, if you are comfortable doing so, with your name, so I can add it to this to protect your copyright and give credit.

  3. The wonderful prayer posted by Anonymous is by Michelle Griffin, copyright 2014. Thank you, Michelle!