Webs of Woven Words, Threads, Stitches and Enchantments

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hallows Everyday - 21

An apprentice's Ancestor altar.


Re-member us,
you who are living, 
restore us, renew us.
Speak for our silence.
Continue our work.
Bless the breath of life.
Sing of the hidden patterns.
Weave the web of peace.

Judith Anderson, 1990

Another apprentice's altar

Devotional activity: In a pretty bowl, place an apple, clean and polished, sliced into three sections, three hazelnuts in their shells, and three sprigs of fresh rosemary. Pour some red wine over all. Place the bowl on the floor before your Ancestor altar and recite this prayer:

Prayer For An Offering

I make this offering to my Ancestors of Blood and Breed,
I make it to you all so you shall know you are remembered.
As I take the wisdom and assistance you offer,
So I give this offering in return.
Here and below and above,
Within and without and round about,
This offering, a gift I bring,
I give it with this prayer I sing!

(copyright 2012 E A Kaufman)

Take the offering outside to some special place, cemetery, lake, tree, hedge, and empty the offering gently onto the ground, reciting the prayer twice more. Walk away from your offering without looking back.

 One more apprentice's Ancestor altar.

Blessings dark and deep!

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  1. this is so lovely. I've needed a push to do this and now here it is. THanks, Oma Linda