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Monday, October 13, 2014

Hallows Everyday - 13

Oya, among other things, is the Yoruba Orisha who is the keeper of the gates of cemeteries, assisting those making the transition across to the Unerworld, and giving guidance on the ghost roads. Her powers over transformation and change can  support us in our lives, assisting us as we move forward toward achieving that which is necessary for our betterment, but nonetheless painful, and that which is more difficult to get through. Some see Her as the Crone in the trilogy which includes Her younger sisters, Yemaya and Oshun.

I include Oya here, during Hallowstide because of Her relationship to cemeteries, the resting places of the dead, and Her abilities to hold back or call forth the Spirits of the dead. Oya is one of the Queens of the Dead. She does not live in the cemeteries, but at the gates. There is much more to Her than what I have written here, Oya is a fascinating and complex Orisha.

Devotional activity:  Once again, write a short prayer/verse, this time to Oya. Go to a cemetery, better at twilight, walk around and open your senses. Can you hear or see anyone? Notice the gentleness and peace of the Land of the Dead. Recite your prayer to Oya at the gates or other entranceway to the cemetery and leave a small offering to Her, perhaps some dark chocolate or other dark food. If you are not open to making a trip to the cemetery, light a black candle for Her and present your prayer. Consider going to the cemetery though, even if you only go to the entrance.

Blessing dark and deep!


  1. Prayer to Oya

    The winds of change are blowing. Storms are building in the sky.
    I step outside to feel the breeze and listen to the distant thunder.
    It is you, Goddess Oya, who has come once again to make me aware
    that changes in my life are near.

    But change is never easy, so I hesitate. The fear inside is trapping me in this state
    of anguish and sorrow that I live with each day, yet I hesitate.

    Then the winds blow stronger and a soft voice whispers in my ear "you don't have to live like this! You have the power to change your fate. You need to accept that it is time
    to reclaim your life and to live it!".

    A tear runs down my face and a smile forms on my lips. I recognize your haunting voice, Oya. The One of wisdom, strength and truth I have heard so many times before. I thank you for reminding me once again that change is necessary, to be embraced and not feared.