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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hallows Everyday - 22

I have posted many devotional practices through the days of October so far, enough to give you much to contemplate and apply to your own practices. Today, one final suggestion and then tomorrow, nine days of divination from the Halloween Oracle to look at what the Lady, our Ancestors, or any other helpful spirit, may have to advise and suggest. That will be the intention, helpful advice and suggestions.

Before sunrise this morning, I went outside with a flashlight, in my white nightgown, and searched among my hedges for a stone. I thought I wanted something flat, smooth, and plain, but what I found was a rough stone, one with plenty of crevices and bumps, and green mold or something similar. I knew it was the one, so I picked it up from beneath the hedge and took it inside. I washed it, cleansed it spiritually, and then performed my morning devotions. Next I began my early morning task which shall be today's devotional practice.

My little stone which is cleansed and blessed.

Devotional activity: Go outside your home and find a small stone. Take your time, let it call to you. When you find it, say a little prayer of thanks; always be grateful for the gifts of the Earth. Wash your stone, cleansing spiritually as the waters run over it; dry and consecrate it, then let it be for a little while to make sure it is completely dry. When ready, using a Sharpie or other permanent marker, draw a black spiral, beginning in the middle, traveling out and then off to the edge. This is your releasing side.

A very bumpy path, but then releasing can be that way.

Focus on the path that leads away, taking what you do not need on a journey that lets go and travels out of your life.

When ready, turn the stone over. Using a green Sharpie, which I chose for growth, draw another spiral, beginning at the edge of your stone and traveling in to the center. Let the last line connect to the previous circle. This is the drawing in path, that which you need coming to you easily and freely, remaining with you as long as you have need.

A path traveling in, green for growth, 
once again the path a little bumpy.

Make this little blessing, or one of your choice, while holding your stone in your non-dominant hand, covering with you dominant hand:

Awaken, awaken, Old One of the Earth,
Spirit of Stone, Keeper of Strength,
Creation of the Lady,
Be now, I ask, an ally to me.
Release and let go, bring in and let grow,
Release and let go, bring in and let grow,
Release and let go, bring in and let grow!

(copyright 2014, E A Kaufman)

(Now, blow you intention into the stone with your breath.)

Carry your stone with you, keep it on your altar or shrine, or... as I plan to do, keep in on your bedside table. First thing in the morning and last at night, or whenever you have need, hold your stone and recite the blessing, allowing the stone to assist you.

Use any color pens or paint that have meaning for you and any shape or size stone.

Blessings dark and deep!

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