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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hallows Everyday - 28

Nightsong, Hidden Talents
The Halloween Oracle, by Stacey DeMarco

Hallowstide is the between time, the edge of the changing seasons, stepping from one time into another. We are moving into the winter of the year where that which is bright and living has fallen away into slumber,  contemplation, and introspection. The world turns misty and that which is more often unseen comes to be seen and inspire.

The Nightsong card brings a message from the Goddesses. That which is vital and creative is still alive deep within, waiting to be expressed. There is some seed of creative force ready to burst into being if we will birth it. It is necessary to look within ourselves, find it, and allow it to bloom. 

For many, our hidden talents are so personal and fragile we hesitate to share them. The night bird who sings in the night comes to guide us in that darkness of fear, encouraging us to unwrap the gift of our potential, claiming the possibilities open to us.

We are full of magick. As witches, priestesses, sorceresses, wise women, we are different and live differently. Everything we do and touch sparks with the inspiration of the Goddesses. We have chosen, on some level, to be this way, to be different and live in a world that is far from mundane. We are more likely to hear the night song, a song that is not often heard. That song is one that lets us know we must use the gifts given by the Goddesses, without waiting any longer and without fear of judgement. Do whatever it is your are meant to do, do what you ache to do, bring those hidden talents into the light of day. Wait no longer.

Blessings dark and deep!

 Blood in the Forest, paper weaving
copyright 2012, E A Kaufman

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