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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hallows Everyday - 26

Death, The eternal cycle begins here.
from The Halloween Oracle, by Stacy DeMarco

Death cards, in general, give a little chill when they show themselves in a reading. Of course, we know that in tarot decks they rarely mean physical death, instead the Death card is about, at its simplest, transformation. The Death card in this oracle deck is really no different.

This card comes to us as we are letting go and clearing away in preparation for a new cycle. That clearing process is very powerful, not always comfortable, but necessary and part of the normal cycle. Death, in its physical aspect, is a frightening thought for most people, but the truth is we will all face it, it is truly a part of life. We experience many "deaths" as we wander through our lives. If we can, we celebrate the changes and begin anew, enthusiastic to continue on to a new branch of our journey. 

This is a reminder, as well, to remember our beloved dead. They too are making a new journey, somewhere, in some way. A mystery has been revealed to them, so allow them to guide you. Tend to your Ancestor altar, make your offerings, and remember.

If you don't journal, Hallows is a good time to begin. Scribbling down your thoughts assists in release, and also holds reminders we can go back to. A new notebook, some pages at the beginning left blank to make lists, some sketches or favorite images scattered here and there to inspire and remind us of dreams, favorite quotes, poems... all of these can be added to your journal. Then, simply write, a thought for the day or pages of angst, joy, whatever. Don't overanalyze or make it harder than it needs to be. Journaling is for you, not something you need to share with anyone.  

So... we shall let go, unfold our wings, and take flight into a new journey, going deeper into the season. We will reflect and contemplate, care for ourselves and truly live.

Blessings dark and deep!

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