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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hallows Everyday - 29

Skeleton, Strength
The Halloween Oracle, by Stacey DeMarco

It is interesting that when I read about this card, it spoke about Halloween being a scary time, and also dressing up as a skeleton for Halloween - "...we even dress as skeletons who have no flesh at all and their bones are there for all to see... In short we are showing our vulnerability at Halloween and our strength in facing our fears too." When I was a little girl and we moved from the city to the country, for the first two Halloweens I dressed in a skeleton costume. I suffered from panic attacks and was a nervous child, I can remember being fearful and depressed. I hadn't really felt those feelings, despite them still being there, or thought about them in a very long time, but the memories and feelings came flooding back with those words. I looked at an old photograph on the shelf, about 50 years ago, of me in my skeleton costume. So, yes, interesting.

This card, the Skeleton, is about two ways of being; vulnerable yet strong. There is no need to be strong all the time, no need to carry all the burdens by yourself, to be alone in fear. As fearful as I was as a child, I pushed myself and kept going, struggled and managed to live, learn, and grow up to share compassion for those who suffer from anxiety and assist them in working through it. Many people helped me along the way, and others didn't. I walked away from those who couldn't or wouldn't accept both parts of me.

Now, I walk in the darkness, not completely without fear, but strong enough to go forward, explore it, and find the peace that is in that dark cave, deep within. Anyone who knows me, if they take the time to look, will see both my strength and my vulnerability - and that is just fine - it's who I really am. Those who care for me will accept both.

Everyone has vulnerabilities, there is no shame in that. They are part of being human, part of understanding that we are perfect in our so-called imperfections. How strong we really are! Despite the fear laying beneath the surface, we are in fact, strong enough to tackle whatever presents itself to us. The question is, will you show both sides of yourself? Or... do you think, as many do, that you must hide the one, never showing it? 

The message here is that you are incredibly strong and brave when you show your vulnerable side, no matter what anyone says. It is healthier to let go of the burden of carrying guilt, shame, hubris, anxiety, illness... whatever it may be, hidden so no one sees. Bare your soul a bit, but don't wallow in the vulnerability either. Let go of the need to show you are the strongest, the best, never wrong, never fearful. On the other side of the coin, don't let the vulnerable overshadow your strength; feel your strength, know it, own it. Balance is the key.  Learn to be at ease with the very human need for support. Accept that support gratefully, without resentment or embarrassment. Ask the questions you may think are stupid, but actually show how wise you are to ask. You will find that there are those who love you and have been holding out their hands waiting to help you, wanting to be there for you. Offer your hand to them.

Blessings dark and deep! 

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