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Monday, October 6, 2014

Hallows Everyday - 6

Three Sisters by Frank Howell

The wheel begins its turning not with flowers and springtime,
but with death and decay.

from Celebrating Her, by Wendy Hunter Roberts

Yes, this is the time when release, letting go, dying, and decay surrounds us. The trees release their leaves, plants wither and become part of the soil, seeping down, down, releasing themselves from this cycle, and the days shorten. All know that they will be rested and renewed in the dark quiet bed of the earth, returning when the wheel turns again to the time of birthing. Whether we acknowledge it or not, this is part of our life too. There has been so much growth on all levels of our being through the past year that it is now time to acknowledge, honor, and then begin our own time of rest and renewal, our time to release with love and wisdom all that does not serve us, all that we know as lessons learned, all in preparation of moving on to the next cycle. This release is necessary and nourishing, a part of the natural cycle of all life. Yet, so many hold on to the very things that stifle their growth and happiness. Some purposely, others without awareness. We all must realize and know that we cannot hold on to everything, most especially that which holds us back from allowing the decay.

Remember that whatever you are holding onto, whatever blocks you have built so that you do not have to feel, know, acknowledge, are nothing to fear. You have experienced whatever it is that bright those feelings, it is done, over, and here you are, still alive. Yes, you are alive and well despite it. Release and move on, free and clear.

Now is the sacrifice of the souls, 
now is the giving up,
the stripping down to the bone.
The time of bones is the time of no compromise.
Throw it all into Hecate's soup, let Her stir it up,
and we shall see what can be born anew.
"Come," She invites us, indicating Her cauldron, "throw it in.
This is the womb of rebirth, the cup of immortality.
Give yourself freely. Do not hold back. This is the moment.
I can use it all. Oh, what a spicy soup this will be!"

from Celebrating Her, by Wendy Hunter Roberts

Devotional Activity: Gather together some slips of paper and a special pen. Cleanse and consecrate them, let them be blessed to give assistance in this task. Set aside a little time today, and whenever you can as Hallowtide continues. Consider what you need to release, what no longer benefits you, what you have finished and there is nothing left to be done with it. Write a few words that describe the issue and consider it well. Take some deep breaths and allow yourself to release the issue, idea, feeling, whatever it may be. Feel it flowing from your body, through you arms, and into the paper. Place the paper in a fireproof bowl or your cauldron. All these slips of paper will be burned on Hallows and the final releasing completed.

Blessings dark and deep!

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