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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hallows Everyday - 5

By the veil of time,
let me wake, let me see,
let me remember,
let me hear who calls to me.
Grant me a vision
of what was, what is, 
what yet comes to be.

By the three cords, by the three roads,
By the Sisters Three, weavers and spinners,
By the black waters and the light of flame,
By the promise of blood,
Let me see the seed in earth, the pearl in the wine,
That which lies upon the table
at the end of the mirrored hall of time
in the castle upon the hill.

Grant me true vision,
Oh Sisters of Fate.

(adapted from Veronica Cummer's Rite to Ask For A Vision
of the Lady of the Lake, in her book, Masks of the Muse)

Scrying is another form of divination that can bring interesting information, visions, and experiences. At this time of year, the veil is more easily pierced, it seems the spirits are more eager to speak. I brew a special herbal tea and add some red wine, salt, a splash of olive oil, and a bit of ink to make my scrying medium. I consecrate it and pour it into my scrying bowl, lighting three candles nearby. Beneath the bowl, I place a sigil for protect as well as a couple to call those spirits who are inclined to assist me. I generally have good results and receive messages that answer questions or give advice. I always go into trance before scrying, finding it helps to make a more intense experience, especially as a vehicle to communicate with my goddesses. 

Devotional Activity: In preparation for your Hallowstide divination, create a recipe for your scrying brew. This will be much more effective than simply using ink in water or a black bowl. Do some research and combine three or more herbs that will enhance divination and psychic abilities, a good bit of  red wine, some consecrated salt, a sacred oil, and something to darken the brew further, such as ink or watercolor paint. Focus your intention all the while and you will create an effective brew. You could add crystals or stones for opening the third eye and psychic centers such as Lapis Lazuli or Herkimer Diamond. Keep refrigerated to preserve until ready to use, although if you have enough wine or other alcoholic spirits in it, it should keep on your altar just fine. You needn't wait until Hallows to scry, the veil is thin, gaze and let yourself see.   

Blessings dark and deep!

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