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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hallows Everyday - 2

I heard this whisper and I wondered,
I heard this laugh and then I knew.
The time is getting near, my friends,
The time that I hold dear, my friends,
The veil is getting thin, my friends,
And strange things will pass through.
The veil is getting thinner.

(author unknown)

Devotional Activity: Once a week in the evening, from now through Hallows, take your tarot or oracle deck and ask for a message from your Ancestors. Light your Ancestor candle, set out a little goblet of Their preferred libation, and recite a blessing invoking your Ancestors' protection. Focus your mind, perhaps taking yourself into a light trance, then ask for a message, shuffling your cards all the while. Draw a card when you feel ready and see what They have to say. Keep a record of your messages and any thoughts and/or experiences during this time in your journal. Extinguish the candle and leave the libation on your Ancestor altar until the following night when you will take it and pour it onto the ground outside your door. 

Blessings dark and deep!


  1. Ancestor work is so important. .
    Thanks for this. ..

  2. Thank you. ..ancestor work is so important. ..

  3. Thank you, you know how I feel about Ancestor Veneration...