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Friday, October 17, 2014

Hallows Everyday - 17

Broom Lore

A new broom should sweep dirt out of a house only after it has swept something in.

Never sweep after sunset or you will chase away happiness.

A broom laid across a doorway will keep out ill will, bad luck, anything bad.

Never walk on a broom.

If you feel you are being haunted by an unfriendly spirit, 
step over a broomstick and the spirit will be 
unable to bother you.

If a wife sweeps a circle around her husband, he will remain true.

If you want to marry, jump over a broom nine times and
you shall be married within the year.

Every witch must have her broom and I certainly have a collection, hung all around the house. There is just something about a handmade broom with a twisty or otherwise interesting broomstick! There is a great deal of folklore about them too. I like all sorts of brooms, large and small, made of various materials, I seem to find them wherever I go.

Cinnamon brooms, not actually made of cinnamon, are found in grocery and craft stores at this time of year. They smell heavenly and are a nice to have at the door, their scent greeting guests! Each year, at this time, I purchase a new cinnamon broom. I love the fragrance, of course, but the main purpose is to make my Hallows broom to reside by my front door, bristles up. This charm protects our home, our health, and brings prosperity and blessings. The old one, from the previous year, will be burned at Hallows, in my large cauldron or in a bonfire. 

In preparation for the broom blessing, I decorate my new cinnamon broom with strands of beautiful yarns and threads, strips of lace, as well as a three cinnamon sticks, dried apple and orange slices I have studded with cloves, and a little pouch containing various items and herbs for purpose.

Devotional activity: In preparation for the broom blessing on Hallows purchase your cinnamon broom and give it a good smudging before bringing it into your home. Decorate as you like, but be sure to add a charm bag that includes items for protection, good health, happiness, and prosperity.  Set the broom, bristles up, at your altar to await the blessed night.

With the sweeping of my broom,
I sweep out sadness, sweep out gloom,
Clearing air and clearing space,
With magick's power and magick's grace.
Negativity I sweep away
Leaving good to have its sway. 
Sweeping all the bad things out,
As my broom sweeps round about!

from the book, The Witch's Broom by Deborah Blake
(click here to see the book at Amazon)

Blessings dark and deep!


  1. I bought one of these cute little brooms before your post (70% off! Ya baby!) but it wasn't scented. What is the best product to use to make it scream of cinnamon?