Webs of Woven Words, Threads, Stitches and Enchantments

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 10

Day 10 - Offerings

General Offerings/Sacrifices:

yew, cypress, hazel, black poplar, willow, black dogs, black, bulls, black lambs, myrrh, civet, camphor, aloe, menstrual blood, red, mullet, bread, eggs, cheese, honey, garlic, apples, figs, pomegranate.

Offerings and Libations That I Make:

I bake barley cakes that contain a mixture of honey, egg, fruits such as apples, dried figs or fresh when in season, pomegranate seeds, oregano and saffron. Sometimes I make a more savory cake with garlic, cheese, pork or lamb, oregano, and bay. In addition to these cakes, I will give cloves of garlic, sprinklings of barley, slices of pork, lamb, or fish (occasionally gefilte fish because I generally have it,) blackberries, red berries from a hedge outside my home, and either raw or boiled egg.

Although live animals were sacrificed as offerings in ancient times, I do not do this. Any meat that I offer is cooked and organic, if I can get it. I do the best I can with the best intention.

The various berries are fruits I just felt were right and they have proven acceptable. Oregano also would fall under the UPG heading, it is something that I always include although I have never found any historical proof that it was included in offerings to Hekate. Another UPG offering is chocolate coins, generally Godiva, but other brands have proven acceptable as well.

Most food offerings are left beneath a hedge near my home that is a sacred place for me. Other times I will burn them to a crisp and sprinkle the ashes at a crossroad, in a cemetery, or at my hedge, depending upon the working I am performing.    

I make various incense mixtures of herbs such as saffron, oregano, bay, resins of frankincense, myrrh, and storax, blended with oils of pomegranate, blackberry, or amber. I burn these outside on a charcoal as an additional offering.

I also always pour a libation with the offerings. The base is usually an herbal tea mixture and the ingredients vary, but always include saffron and oregano. I sweeten this with the best honey we have and add a splash of Strega Liqueur or blackberry brandy which I make myself.

Something else I offer that has no historical reference is my needlework and its  accoutrements. I may stitch a small item with a symbol of Hekate, or three or nine rows of three or nine different types of stitches. I use the very finest linen and threads, then burn or bury the item. Other times I may simply offer a piece of a very favorite linen, or stands of my favorite threads. I also bury clay disks made with herbs, spices, resins, and/or other items incorporated into the clay, and carve symbols into them.  

I have never felt a rejection of any of these offerings. I believe the reason is because they come from the heart. I have no fluffy illusions about the goddesses and gods, however, They seem, at least to me, to be grateful and accepting of my efforts.

Blessings nine!

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