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Monday, August 15, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 15

Day 15 - Mundane Practices Associated With Hekate

Here is another prompt that I am not really sure of, but it has gotten me thinking, stewing, and brewing. Do I really associate Hekate with any mundane practices? I feel as if anything I do related to Her is related to the mystical and therefore is sacred.

Hekate holds the keys to the Underworld, hardly mundane, BUT... those keys also open the doors to the Mysteries, therefore, She could be called upon for assistance with learning and anything related to it such as teaching others, teaching oneself without the assistance of a teacher - Hekate giving the guidance. She gives guidance on all levels here.

She is also a goddess who assists with transition, and in my own experience, transformational work, so perhaps She assists with life changes, new job, moving to a new town, marriage or divorce, grief, new beginnings, new endeavors, and endings. In this capacity, I would include creative endeavors as well. She inspires me in my art and needlework, my writing and music.

I would think that anything to do with family life and children, especially as related to women, such as giving birth, adjusting to the new addition to the family, and healing health issues, physical and mental. Cooking and caring for the home keeps everyone health. Certainly calling on Hekate for issues with animals, pets or wild animals, including healing them is something I have done alone and with other practitioners. In my Reiki practice, I always call upon Her, but is that mundane? She stands at the doorway, guarding and protecting.

I have read that Hekate was originally revered as a great mother goddess. All of this, the mysteries and the mundane, come under Her dominion. So... I guess that teaches me something.

Blessings Nine!

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