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Monday, August 29, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 29

Day 29 - Any unusual or interesting UPG to share?

(Love this, but don't know the artist's name, if anyone does, please let me know.)

Yes, I have had interesting experiences with Hekate. The first time I encountered Her, which I shared previously, was so strong, She stood behind and just to the side of me. There was no doubt that "someone" was there with Her hand on my shoulder, there was no doubt who it was. And I remember longing for that feeling, that experience, again. It was a great ache.

Many times, during rituals or intense magickal workings, during meditative work with others who have a great deal of experience, those with me will see someone/something, a shadow, standing behind me. More recently, a couple of my apprentices have noticed something.

I have received thoughts, insights, wisdom, from Hekate during trance work and ritual. That is where my experiences which I have written about come from. The time that I felt I had lost Her, left me empty. It also validated, for me, those experiences I have had. I knew what I had to do to connect once again with Her... I assume She was letting me know. Although this was a few years ago, I am still more careful about who I share my workings and devotional times with.

Blessings Nine!

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