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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 23

Day 23 - My Own Composition for Hekate

Hekate's Offering

I am the Darkness,
Waiting, silent in stygian stillness.
I am the Silent Stillness,
Waiting, full, ripe with knowing, bliss.
I am the Amorphous Knowing,
Waiting, bringing truth, healing.
 From Beneath, within the rich, redolent Earth,
I wait.
From Beneath, within the crystal, renewing Waters,
I wait.
From Above, within the Winds that Whisper and take,
I wait.
 The Darkness holds and heals.
The Water blesses and heals.
The Wind cleanses and heals
These are My offerings. Will you accept them?
 Here is My torch, I hold it for you,
Opening the Path.
Light within Darkness.
Here from Beyond.
Wisdom from Knowledge.
 As you have offered to Me time and again,
Blood and honeyed wine, herb and egg,
Garlic and almond, fig and date,
Now, I offer to you.
From the Three Realms I come
To the Crossroads where you have called to Me.
Will you join Me there?
Will you journey with Me
To My Caverns of darkness and light, soft and still,
Mother's embrace?
Will you accept My gifts: visions, dreams,
Let your Spirit fill and flow?
 Will you come, O Priestess of Hekate,
Priestess of Mine?
Come, be with Me, I am waiting. 

copyright 2007 E A Kaufman
Published in "Bearing Torches, A Devotional Anthology for Hekate"
Published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina


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