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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 3

Day 3 - Symbols and Icons of Hekate 

Hekate's Wheel cross stitch

On Day 1 I included a list of Hekate's symbols not realizing today's post would be about them, so... a little bit of a repeat, but with some photos.

torches, keys, rope, knife, dogs, snakes, Hecate's Wheel (modern), bones (personal), pomegranates.

A necklace I wear during ritual made of snake vertebrae, amber,
moonstone, garnet, one beads, and clay beads.

I wear this necklace during every ritual, devotional practice, meditation/trance work, and spell casting when I call upon Hekate.


I wear a key pendant - an old key - always, as I feel that Hekate holds the key to all mysteries and this symbol most closely connects me to Her. I also wear a key that is bent into a ring, a gift from my husband.

For me, pomegranates and their seeds are symbolic of Hekate as well as Persephone. The food from the Underworld. 

While some symbols are ancient, others come to us from seemingly nowhere. UPG? Yes, I believe so, but sometimes they are a gift, that hand on the shoulder, reminding us that She is always with us.

Blessings Nine!


  1. I relate to Hekate's love of dogs. I was an only child who grew up on an acre of land out in the country. Shetland Sheepdogs were my siblings as my mother breed/shown Shelties most of my life. I was part of their pack. I understand why Hekate cares for dogs, their loyalty and pure love is rare.

  2. Hekate is associated with dogs and it is said she can appear with dogs. I have a personal story of being an only child growing up with a kennel of Shelties. I feel I understand Her association with dogs. Their loyalty and pure love resonates with me.