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Sunday, August 14, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 14

Day 14 - Has Worship of This Deity Changed in Modern Times?

Hekate - artist Emily Balivet

Although we will never know for sure, I personally believe that the worship of Hekate, and all the gods and goddesses, was different in ancient times. The interpretation of history has been so tainted by patriarchy and various scholars with their own agendas,  that we can never know really.

While in ancients times, it seems to me that the worship was more formal and rigid, today we are open enough (with some exceptions) to accept the various ways of honoring deity, those with and without historical backup. From the reconstructionists to the witches coven, and everything in between, we are able to honor and conduct rites and rituals as we see fit. Yes, of course there are those who would like to turn Polytheism and Paganism into fundamentalist religions, but most of us choose to and do go our own way, many within a basic outline.

Many of us try to remain true to the origins of our spiritual practices, but so many rites were secret and we have no way to know how they were truly practiced. And so we do the best we can. Some of us prefer to study scholarly and ancient spiritual texts, basing what we do on those. Others stay within the modern interpretations, which are very creative and satisfying. That seems to be key... that we receive the satisfaction of ritual and rites well done, something magickal and very spiritual happens, that communion with deity happens. We can feel it, we know it.

I believe it was Andrew Chumbley who wrote about this, and I paraphrase, if one goes outside and  feels the gods, who has the right to say it didn't happen... or something very near that. This comment made a serious adjustment to my own practice, bringing to me the truth that for each of us, as similar as our spiritual paths may be, they are also very individual and our experiences, while similar in some cases, are also very different. All of that is just fine, we each know in our hearts what is best for us. 

Of course our spiritual practices and worship of deities will be different. The times are different, life is different. We evolve and so does spirituality.

Blessings Nine!   

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