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Saturday, August 27, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 27

Day 27 - My Thoughts About Who and What Hekate Is To Me.

The original challenge question was listed twice, for the 9th and the 27th,  Misconceptions About Hekate, so while I addressed that previously, I think, for today, I'll address how I see Her from personal experience, just because I have been thinking about it a great deal. Sometimes one just wants to think, analyze, cogitate, even if it doesn't lead anywhere in particular. Those who are very tied to a particular goddess or god will get this feeling too, I think. 

I consider myself to be a Polytheist, as mentioned before, and see the goddesses and gods individually. I can see that, through adoption, some viewed the goddesses and gods by different names, yet They were the same. I don't personally believe this is the case with Hekate, although She does have similar aspects to other goddesses, as discussed on the post for Day 6.  I feel, and again, this is through my personal experience, that Hekate is truly far from the realms of other goddesses. The idea that She is the Cosmic Soul or that the Cosmic Soul emanates from Her, is one that I think a great deal about. Her torches show me She is a guiding light in many ways. She is the Psychopomp, guiding the dead to the afterlife. She is the nurse of souls, bringing them back to a new journey. She is an intermediary between those of us seeking communion with the goddesses and gods and those goddesses and gods. She is the Keeper of Mysteries, holding the key to the realms of Wisdom and Knowledge. 

I think of Hekate as that original Divine Spark that gave birth to everything... the goddesses and gods, the Universe and all the planets, us. I'm obviously not interested in recreating an ancient traditional religion for the goddesses I revere, although I am interested in celebrating old ways of expressing the honor I feel for Them.

So there I am, just about finished with this challenge. I did not post every day due to my schedule, but played catch up - as I am doing today. I feel I received a lot from this challenge and I hope the way I approached it was helpful to someone.

Blessings Nine!

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