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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 2

Day 2 - How Did I First Become Aware of Hekate

I've shared this so many times. Although I have been practicing witchcraft since the early 1970s, it was not until approximately 1990 that Hekate began to make Herself known to me. It seemed everywhere I went, everything I read, every meditation, She was there. I realized something was happening and that I needed to find out if Hekate was calling out to me, making Herself know for a specific reason.

At that time, I did not have the internet to hop on and search for information about Hekate. Instead, I read books... Pagan books, books about ancient Greece, and mythology, whatever I could find, and meditated.The majority of what I read was Wiccan-based. I didn't have a lot to work with so I decided to perform a ritual to assist me in connecting with Her, in essence, ask Her what She wanted, if anything.

I cast my circle and called upon Hekate. I lit a black candle and offered some incense. I then stood and spoke to Her. I asked why She seemed to be everywhere in my life, was there something she wanted from me. I asked that She give me some sign if I was to devote myself to Her. Everything was very still, I felt as if I was out of the mundane world. Suddenly that feeling passed and I felt a hand on my shoulder. It started me because I thought my husband had come out of the bedroom, but when I turned, he wasn't there. I felt that hand so strongly, it was so real, I will never forget the sensation. I  knew Hekate was there and that She was calling me. I felt Her and I knew I would be Her priestess. There is, of course, more to this but I do not choose to share it. My life changed that night, let me leave it there.

In the many years since, my devotion to Her has become stronger and stronger. I could not imagine a life without Her and my duties as Her priestess. Yes, She has tossed me around, made me do the work I needed to do and other things She obviously wanted me to do. It has not been easy being claimed by Her, being Her priestess, but I would not change it. She does indeed reward those who honor Her. My life is Hekate's.

Blessings Nine!


  1. I became aware of Hekate during my studies of various Goddesses. It resonated with me that Hekate assists women and children in distress because I was a victim of domestic violence. My awareness of Goddess was when I saw an image of an owl and another image of a Goddess while I took pictures on 9/27/15 during the full moon & lunar eclipse & after I completed my dedication ritual to witchcraft. This experience brought me full circle from past to present as an affirmation that being a witch is a true calling. It became very evident to me on a weekend quest to find a Goddess statue for my altar. While visiting a beautiful Greek town, Tarpon Springs, after surveying several shops, there She was, within a window display. All the Gods and Goddesses were facing the glass window; not Hekate, She was facing me at eye level. I felt thunder struck when I saw Her standing there on the glass shelf, like it was meant to be that I was to find Her for my altar. Hail to Hekate, Queen of the Underworld!

  2. Another interesting awareness was during my Goddess studies where I wrote down several names of Goddesses that I found intriguing during my Goddess studies. I placed the names into a bag. The Goddess name I drew was going to be the Goddess I would write an essay on. It was Hekate's name I drew. Since I have been studying Her along with daily devotions, I have felt Her blessings upon me and my family. I adore Hekate, my love and devotion to wise Queen of the Underworld, Hail Hekate.
    Hope my post takes as I was losing the post before.