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Saturday, August 13, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 13

Day 13 - What Modern Cultural Issues Are Closest to Hekate’s Heart?

Fragment of ancient statue believed to be Hekate

This prompt for the 13th gave me some difficulty, in addition to working on Saturday, exhaustion at the end of the day, and not having a minute to write anything. Apropos to what eventually was given to me, this morning the answer came and I realized it was so simple. In a way it is a cultural issue, but perhaps not really. Whatever, this is what it is.

I feel that, for the most part, devotional practices are skimmed over in all religious practices. This is not a judgment, but a fact. People's live are so vey busy, the world in chaos, so taking time, even a brief few moments for devotional work seems nearly impossible; if not impossible, then the bare minimum is given.

Devotional work is what I feel is closest to Hekate's heart, to all the goddesses' and gods' hearts. We call upon Hekate for all sorts of assistance when we have need, but do we do it just to show honor, reverence, and love? Does every ritual have to be about asking for something? Shouldn't it be about connecting/communing with Her? Can She and any other goddesses and gods be given some of our time without asking for favors? So, in essence, I think Hekate, when petitioned, might very well be asking. "What have you done lately to remember Me? 

This is definitely modern culture, to want, to demand, and yet give nothing in return, or very little, the barest minimum one can get away with.

I also believe that, as a Dianic Feminist witch and priestess, that the treatment of women and children is very close to Her heart. We, the women, generally are the most devoted spiritually, and therefore, the goddesses and gods watch over us and are concerned for us. I am not attributing human qualities to Them, but They need us to remember Them. As the world is a scary place for us, women, the goddesses are concerned. 

None of this may resonate with you, but it is what came to me during my devotions this morning. If it doesn't resonate, that's fine. As I have said before, to each our own practices. I come to this from speaking about devotional work, encouraging it, almost daily with a variety of spiritually-minded people.

Blessings Nine!

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