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Monday, August 8, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 8

Day 8 - Choose an Aspect of the Deity and How You Honor That Aspect

Hekate Kourotrophos
artist unknown, if anyone knows, please comment.

Today was supposed to have been "Variations on this deity (aspects, regional forms, etc.)," however I felt this was repeating Day 6 so I have changed my post. 

I am a woman who chose, with my husband, not to have children. I am not gushy about children, but babies are very sweet and cute, I love to hold and talk to them until they become fussy, then I hand them back to their mamas, LOL. That being said, when a child needs healing, protection, whatever, I am right there to assist in whatever capacity is needed. 

One of Hekate's epithets is Kourotrophos, Child-Nurse, Guardian of Children. I have been calling on this aspect over the past year more often than usual due to some little ones who were sick, a friend's new little girl for whom we did a Mother Blessing, and another friend who's granddaughter was born 5 weeks early. 

I sent Reiki to mamas and babies a few times a week. In addition, for the baby girls, I would light three small candles, a white, a pale pink, and a pale lavender, then place the candles before one of my Hekate statues. I took myself into trance and journeyed to the ocean and requested Hekate's presence. She always came to me, standing at the waters edge, the gentle waves moving over Her feet. I asked for a healthy and gentle entrance into our earthly realm, and healing for mama. I them returned from trance, made my prayers of gratitude, then took offerings and a libation to my hedge.

One little girl made her entrance just when she should, healthy, and is thriving. The other little gal decided she wanted to make her entrance 5 weeks early. Her weight was normal, but there were a few little issues which are resolving and she will be going home very soon. All is well, but then I expected nothing less from the ultimate nurse and protectress. Hail Hekate Kourotrophos!

Blessings Nine!

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